Last days of summer


I pick some algae on the beach. I'll use them in the pit-firing. IMG_4361_1 IMG_4378_1 IMG_4391_1
Sweeeeet babe! :) IMG_4418_1
Sweeeet babes! :* IMG_4461_1
Oh, those two!!!! IMG_4433_1

Picking-pebbles-obsession :) IMG_4463_1

I made a bangle with names of my kids for myself.  Sincerely, sometimes I see it showy and sometimes I just like it... IMG_4478_1

I think it could be also cool with a phrase or a short message... I think, I'll set up a customizable listing for custom bangles in my shop.

Ceramic bangle with custom message


Stone wall - you'll see them everywhere on Mallorca. before these walls have been made without mortar. The technique is called "pedra seca" - "dry stone". "Dry stone structures are stable because of their unique construction method, which is characterized by the presence of a load-bearing façade of carefully selected interlocking stones." (from Wikipedia) And still now you can find plenty of authentic dry stone walls and talaiots - Bronze age megaliths constructed with the same technique here on the island.

IMG_4467_1 IMG_4496_1


  1. great post ... again !
    Love the idea of the bangles.

  2. such cool pictures!! especially the last one, there is something about that!

  3. beautiful photos!
    i love the custom bangle.
    could also be done in a much smaller circle to wear as a pendant ♥