Orange tuesday

It's quiet windy today. It's still warm, but windy.
Today I saw something like this when I opened the door in the morning..
I remembered the Orange friday two years ago....
So beautiful, this plant made us a floral offering again....
A really nice way to begin the day...
Orange morning

Orange color is dominating in my studio today too.
I made 4 small tribal necklaces: my handmade clay beads and leather.
Similar but different.
Already in the shop.

Another thing which has brightened up my day today is- my friend Lorena has been featured in Etsy blog!
Such a joy! I love so much her work! Congratulations, Lorena! :)))
 Read a brilliant interview with her here>>


  1. your new tribal necklaces are STUNNING.
    they are like brothers & sisters ~ similar, but different.
    and such a good price!
    earlier today, i read lorena's feature. i have long admired her work ~ her lingerie rings, especially ♥

    1. Thank you, Catie!
      I love Lorena's sugar collection and Rosa Inca as well!

  2. What a gorgeous flower .. do you get hummingbirds?
    Absolutely fabulous creations!
    Have a happy day!

    1. Thank you, Lisa!
      There is no hummingbirds here, but I wouldn't mind they to live here :)