Studio update

Inbetween of "back to school" of Rita and Arnau and other things it seems like not, but yes, I worked in my studio a lot. Preparing pieces for a new pit-firing session I wanna fire in our garden, and making beads from new cherry-red color clay. I can't wait to see all the new pieces finished! IMG_4288_1

Chain and a tiny plate.
Really very tiny... It will be an exciting place to keep rings or a very cool plate for an aperitive...
IMG_4087_1 IMG_4161_1
Beads and plates.

One day I painted my hand with henna...
Sometimes I think about to make a tattoo, but it is not that easy for me to find the motive I'd wear all my life...


  1. Love the cherry red clay! Has it been fired yet?

  2. love seeing the "before" photos ♥ beautiful henna!

  3. Me encanta tu tatuaje de Henna, yo en casita tengo de la negra traída desde Egipto y tengo muchas ganas de tatuarme algún motivo tan bonito como el tuyo gracias por la inspiración compartida.
    Nos gusta muchísimo tu trabajo con barro.

  4. oh wow, this is super impressive!