Hello Etsy is an event where people meet, share and have fun. One year ago it has been organized in Berlin, this year it was cleverly and organically embedded into Dutch design week celebrated in Eindhoven, Holland.

I enjoyed meeting people I knew virtually through Etsy and people I have never met before and of course to meet Marta, Matt, Mitsy, Nicole, Liesbeth and Eduard again!

Thank you, Marta , for organizing everything so well - it was in such a right place - cozy, beautiful and warm!

Everyhing happend in the building of Piet Hein Eek - talented Dutch furniture designer and producer.
The room was fillen with calling my attention, handmade from recycled materials, vintage and very different chairs and benches, tables and huge handmade lampshades and with creative people, of course! -  a very Etsy environment! :)

 (Photo by and with permission of Yann Pendaries ©)

I enjoyed the speakers wich have been invited by Etsy a lot:
Janine Vangool - graphic designer and creator of Uppercase magazine. Janine shared with us her inspiring story. You can find the lifestream video HERE

I've fallen in love with Diana van Ewijk and with her sense of humor :) She is fabulous ( and I told her that :))
Find the video with her "How to DIY marketing" speech  HERE

Check as well Satish Kumar speech HERE as well. It was simply beautiful.
 (Photo by and with permission of Yann Pendaries ©)

Here are some pictures from the event...
Yann - taking pictures :)
Judith de Graaf - Dutch graphic designer living in Paris, me and Marie - French fashion designer and the person behind Malam!
It was exciting to meet Malam and her husband Yann in person, I knew their creative work from Etsy.
The most incredible of this meeting for me was that Marie speaks Russian very well! It was fun and I just couldn't believe that! haha!
(Photo by and with permission of Yann Pendaries ©)

 A tender moment when Marta holds Julie on her hands :)

 Here - Marie, and "Sisters" - Ashley and lovely Thea - one of the founders and creator of an online magazine for  women Sister based in Berlin.
 (Photo by and with permission of Yann Pendaries ©)

I also met Anne - the person behind Magalerie, it was fun to put face to the shop I already knew! and Annemiek - the person behind Two trees Belgium
Marijke - with whom I shared hotel room  is an artist and  yarn studio owner, as well as a great mother and just a beautiful woman.We spoke a lot and found a lot of things in common!
I also met Simone, Anna,  another Anna, Annabel.

Good food, delicious cupcakes, hot tea and coffe didn't miss as well as a glass of wine at the end of the event. I enjoyed a lot!
  (Photo by and with permission of Yann Pendaries ©)

Find more pictures from the envent HERE!

The next day I went to Amsterdam to visit my friend  Lorena - the person behind Gemagenta, designer and creator of beautiful jewelry. Well deserved Lorena has been featured in Etsy Blog not long time ago. 
I was so happy to meet her in person! We shared so much nice moments together :)
 All this was about meeting people and sharing stories, experiences and good vibes.
Next Hello Etsy event is planning in the end of March in New York, don't miss it ;)!



1 kg of mashed potato
7 eggs,
1 kg of flour,
an arm of sugar (optional)
2 packages of fresh yeast.

Mix all ingridients. Pasta should not fall from the hand. Cover the bowl with the  pasta in a warm place for approx 30 min. Fry in a very hot oil and sweeten with sugar when ready.
Bonne appetite! :P

1 kg de pure de patata, 
7 ous, 
1 kg de farina, 
una ma de sucre, 
2 paquets de llevat fresc.

Barrejar tots els ingredients. Pasta no ha de caure de la ma. Deixar tovar 30 min aprox., fregir en molt d'oli, ensucrar.
Bon profit! :P


In the studio - a bit of everything

I collected my pieces from the kiln last week. Here are bangles, beads, parts of the earrings, rings or pendants and a chain necklace. Oh, also a twig necklace(on the bottom) abouth which I'm quiet excited!
I sand each piece properly before the pit-firing to give it smooth finish... IMG_5106_1
These rings-pendants are already sanded... IMG_4919_1
 Ceramic dust - looks like snow :) IMG_5101_1
Red brick color beads are fired as well...I'll make some necklaces out.
Yesterday I was making some twig clasps - this time from lemon tree twigs... IMG_5118_1
These tiny beauties go great with turquoise and red jasper! Yep!
By the way you can find more ceramic work on Mud Colony blog!
Another pouch is on the way... IMG_5119_1

Here we go! IMG_5127_1

Stamping wrapping paper...aaaand wrapping the pouch... IMG_5132_1

Ready to go! IMG_5134_1

I had a visit - a little elf brought me some pomegranate! :)IMG_5125_1


Morning mist

The good thing having to be at work at 8 a.m. is the opportunity to contemplate early morning landscapes...
Fog this time...love it.

IMG_5135_1 IMG_5142_1
Can you see 2 persons walking? IMG_5144_1 IMG_5158_1 IMG_5163_1 IMG_5166_1 IMG_5169_1 IMG_5174_1 IMG_5175_1 IMG_5180_1
Voilà! The Sun -  lazy and gorgeous....:) IMG_5187_2