1 kg of mashed potato
7 eggs,
1 kg of flour,
an arm of sugar (optional)
2 packages of fresh yeast.

Mix all ingridients. Pasta should not fall from the hand. Cover the bowl with the  pasta in a warm place for approx 30 min. Fry in a very hot oil and sweeten with sugar when ready.
Bonne appetite! :P

1 kg de pure de patata, 
7 ous, 
1 kg de farina, 
una ma de sucre, 
2 paquets de llevat fresc.

Barrejar tots els ingredients. Pasta no ha de caure de la ma. Deixar tovar 30 min aprox., fregir en molt d'oli, ensucrar.
Bon profit! :P


  1. Que ricos, ya tengo ganas de hacer en casa, aunque algo más tarde seguro que comemos.
    Un besote gordo y feliz día de les verges ;)

  2. Yummy!!!! Those kids look like they are having the most wonderful time--and it must smell heavenly in there!

  3. Looks like the grandmas are super proud to make these for the little ones. And that the kids are more than happy to eat them ;)
    By the way it was great meeting you at Hello Etsy this weekend!