In the studio - a bit of everything

I collected my pieces from the kiln last week. Here are bangles, beads, parts of the earrings, rings or pendants and a chain necklace. Oh, also a twig necklace(on the bottom) abouth which I'm quiet excited!
I sand each piece properly before the pit-firing to give it smooth finish... IMG_5106_1
These rings-pendants are already sanded... IMG_4919_1
 Ceramic dust - looks like snow :) IMG_5101_1
Red brick color beads are fired as well...I'll make some necklaces out.
Yesterday I was making some twig clasps - this time from lemon tree twigs... IMG_5118_1
These tiny beauties go great with turquoise and red jasper! Yep!
By the way you can find more ceramic work on Mud Colony blog!
Another pouch is on the way... IMG_5119_1

Here we go! IMG_5127_1

Stamping wrapping paper...aaaand wrapping the pouch... IMG_5132_1

Ready to go! IMG_5134_1

I had a visit - a little elf brought me some pomegranate! :)IMG_5125_1


  1. looks very promising this new ceramic collection !
    What a sweet elf !

  2. just found you from Mud Colony, I look forward to more of your posts and maybe some pics of those beads and rings when they are made into jewellery :^)

  3. I too am here via Mud Colony. Like Anna I hope to see some of your finished pieces.
    At the risk of sounding like (s)mother....I do hope you are wearing a mask when sanding?!

  4. Love your detailed photos, and it shows how much work is involved in the creative process. That little elf steals my heart!

  5. I love your work in progress ♦ the turquoise is exquisite with the red clay!
    Simply Beautiful!