Seeds of good hope

I'm in sorrow these days...
One my friend gave birth to a girl with Down syndrome...
I'm terribly suppressed by this notice and I just can imagine how my friend feels... Sadly I'm so far away from her and can not stay with her and give her my support... I know there is nothing to do with this and the only way is to accept this and to go on. To give all the love to this sweet child and probably to try to have another healthy child in the future. I know families like family of Greet who had a Down syndrome child and didn't give up....

I was thinking of my friend while beading this necklaces yesterday night. The beads somehow remember me wolfberry commercially called goji berry or some kind of seeds. The name of Seeds of good hope was born when I was going back home from work today thinking of my friend. I hope she will find the force and the way to deal with this and to be happy.


  1. Hope is precious. Hugs to you too my friend

  2. My heart is will you and your friend .. a new life is always joyous endearing .. she will have her challenges and struggles but a lot of happiness as well. One of the personality traits of down syndrome is they have a great amount of love to give.

    A friend of mine got me onto this blog awhile ago.... when I first started reading it was the end of the day .. and needless to say I read the whole story of Nella Cordelia into the wee hours of the morning. Very very inspirational. http://www.kellehampton.com/ It is a beautiful blog. :) ..... hugs ..........

    1. I was crying from the first word to the last one reading the story of birth of Nella...It is a jewel this blog...Very inspiring and beautiful! It has illuminated my heart...
      Thank you so much, Lisa for sharing it with me, I'll pass it to my friend too!
      big hugs xo

  3. ...I am min the middle of reading "Expecting Adam" by Matha Beck. She is talking about expecting her son Adam, a child with down syndrom, and how she is coping with it. It sounds like a heavy book and at times it is, but it is also very funny and gives a lot of great inside. Children with Down syndrome are very lovely to be with and the spread a lot of happiness to their suroundings! Of course it will not be easy for your friend, but it also will give her a lot good things, too! Best wishes from me!