I wish

I wish those japanese bowls would be mine if not - I'll make myself a harakiri :)
I wish to wear that dress and feel myself Heidi and to have her plaits :)
I wish I could use that kettle on our induction stove
I wish it would be cold enough and there was a place where to use those ice skates :)
I'm wondering if that lovely doe would stand pretty nice on my miniature dishes?
I wish those porcelain driftwood spoons was my idea!
I wish it would snow this winter and I could use these beautiful mittens :)
I wish this goldfish could make my wishes complete :)
I wish to go hiking more often :)
I wish I was ontime to purchase that SOLD Swan song ring (well in size 7 would be perfect :))
That hand knit socks remember me my cousin, I wish I could stay with her now, she is waiting for a new baby to arrive these next days....


  1. love those little bowls!
    this list is soooooo good!
    i hope your wishes come true ♥

  2. Your taste is inspiring, Anastasia. I love your new work!