Olive oil from Mallorca

In summer, when Cristina came, we went to see our friends olive trees orchards.
Our friends Antoni and Llorenç are small olive oil producers and today I went to see how olives are harvested!
I'm a big fan of olive oil and I've been always curious about the process...

Most of the trees grow in a place called Son Cuixa in Petra neighbourhood. And there are 2 varieties of olive trees - Arbequina and Piqual. Arbequina makes a highly aromatic and small olive fruit  and Piqual a much bigger one.


Olive trees branches are shaken and olives fall down to the net.

Twigs are collected with silicone rakers (for to not hurt the olives).

Piqual - big and shiny

Curiously olive juce is bitter, but the olive oil is not bitter at all!

Once olives are harvested they are sent to the mill and cold pressed Extra virgin oil is made. This oil is not filtered.  Then, analytics are taken and after receiving the analytics results olive oil can be bottled and comercialized. Every bottle has a serial number and you can find information about the oil entering the number you can see on the cap here


Our friends oil is one of the Mallorcan oils with the Designation of origin - a special distinction of quality. You can read about it more HERE

One of the chemical properties requirement for oils with designation of origin is - Acidity no higher than 0.8º and Antoni and Llorenç oil acidity is 0.14º ONLY! That means that this oil is made of recently harvested olives and it has great nutritional and highly antioxidant properties and an exceptional quality.
I already could taste this year oil recently made of Arbequina, it is fruity and aromatic, DELICIOUS!
I became an addict and there is a bottle of "Oli d'un temps" in my kitchen always!
Just drop me a message if you want one! ;)

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  1. every part of this is beautiful ~ the trees, the olives, the gentle rakes, and the bottled oil. oh, i bet it is SO delicious and SO good for you ♥

  2. WOW!! Love olive oil! You got to know the people who make yours!!! So cool:-)

  3. qué maravilloso tour nos has compartido!
    me encantan los olivos!!