Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you all!!! Bones festes!!! Felices fiestas!!! С Новым Годом!!!


Sea in the bottle

Sea in the bottle is a tiny collection of Mediterranean sea shells and sand picked up on Mallorcan beaches.
I'm very happy because these necklaces are result of collaboration between me and my daughter. Yay!
My daughter has choosen and helped me to put all the sea shells and beautiful natural elements like pink sand in the bottles! Money from the sales will be destinated to my daughter's final course travel in May!
The are already in the shop and we even had our first sale already! Yay! :)
Sea in the bottle
Sea in the bottle
Sea in the bottle
Sea in the bottle

Sea in the bottle


Pinar de Sa Coma

We are blessed to live by a small pine forest, just in 5 minutes by foot from our home. This is the place where kids love to play and explore and where I sourse twigs to make clasps for my necklaces!
Only my spring allergy to pollen doesn't love it, but well, it lasts only one month in a whole year. :)
Last Sunday it was sunny and we went to a walk. I thought it wouldn't be nice to hide these photos in the drawer ;)
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