New post cards!

I've printed new post cards! 4 desings printed on recycled paper with creamy soft finish.
The postcards feature my original photographies.
- Blowing soap bubbles. I took this picture on my birthday, the 2nd of July.
- Dream big and Carpe diem (seize the day from in Latin)
- Barefoot on the beach
- The pussycat - Taken on the entrance of our home - just a moment from my life...

You can find them here>>

This is my little photo-session assistant :)
 Do you know how sweet are his cheeks? :) #motherslove



I feel satisfied with my recent work, my heart sings with all these colors and textures, pure visual treats...

Pit fired faceted clay beads and an amazing fire opal bead, pomegranate natural silk thread and pine twig.
pit fired beads and fire opal pit fired beads and fire opal
I've custom-made double strand necklace with organic vessonite. ready
This necklae has got it's name - Tibet. Pomegranate silk thread and red jasper beads remember me buddhist monks robes and pine twig dipped in "gold" whisper about brass and golden complements of buddhist chapels and sandal wood beads - about oriental incenses...mmm...Tibet Dream big and carpe diem!

Did you know, that Etsy has been translated into Spanish? Did you know that there are a lot of international teams from different countries are working on translating the web into Italian, Japanese, Russian?! I've been invited into Russian translating team and I add my grains of translation as well! #excited

  Translating Etsy into Russian!


Let's celebrate!

Let's celebrate that L'Accent nou turns 3 years old this month! Yay! :)
20% off sale is launching in the SHOP right now until the end of the month! You are WELCOME to check it out - there is plenty of new stuff over there! Don't forget to enter coupon code HAPPYMONTH at check-out! ;)

Celebrem que L'Accent Nou compleix 3 anys aquest mes! Visca!!! :)
Ja pots gaudir de rebaixes a la meva botiga online! He estat treballant molt per omplir-la amb moltes coses   precioses! No oblidis d'introduir codi promocional HAPPYMONTH al check-out per gaudir d'un 20% de descompte!

ALSO, I created something for YOU!
This Little legs necklace from pit fired faceted clay beads and ceramic legs. I hope you'll love it because I give it away!!!! :)

Each bead has been shaped with my hands, then sanded and fired in a ceramic kiln. Then, I pitfired them!
Pomgranate silk thread unites it all.

TAMBÉ, he creat una alguna cosa per a TU!
Collar "Cametes" d'abaloris amb facetes i cametes ceràmiques. Esper que t'agradi!
Perquè l'estic sortejant!!!!! :)

Cada abalori està fet amb les meves mans, cuit en un forn de ceràmica a 980ºC i després es va fer una altra cuita de pit firing - un proces primitiu d'enfornar les peces de ceràmica.
Els abaloris estan units amb fil de seda natural de color magrana.

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Anunciaré la guanyadora el dia 1 de Febrer!


Looking back

I look back into the past year...

I began it with my little son in my arms...now he can walk alone...

Arnau was younger as well...

Rita has fallen in love for the first time...

I worn this skirt...I love this skirt...

and yes, I has painted my nails in this color! :)

It was summer again...
and my mom has choosen Abundance set  for herself ;)

We ate figs...I love figs...

and our homemade grapes we shared them with visps...:)

I walked my clay ways...

and I climbed my cairns...

I've been treated by my friends, plants and animals...

I've fallen in love again and again...

I turned off the flames...

Somebody wanted to play with me...:)

Rita read all Harry Potter books, got inspired and began to write her own book...

Arnau began to paint...once he said he'll be a GREAT painter :)
There is a permanent exhibition of his paintings at our home, you can come and see them anytime :)

Looking back I see I was happy.