Looking back

I look back into the past year...

I began it with my little son in my arms...now he can walk alone...

Arnau was younger as well...

Rita has fallen in love for the first time...

I worn this skirt...I love this skirt...

and yes, I has painted my nails in this color! :)

It was summer again...
and my mom has choosen Abundance set  for herself ;)

We ate figs...I love figs...

and our homemade grapes we shared them with visps...:)

I walked my clay ways...

and I climbed my cairns...

I've been treated by my friends, plants and animals...

I've fallen in love again and again...

I turned off the flames...

Somebody wanted to play with me...:)

Rita read all Harry Potter books, got inspired and began to write her own book...

Arnau began to paint...once he said he'll be a GREAT painter :)
There is a permanent exhibition of his paintings at our home, you can come and see them anytime :)

Looking back I see I was happy.


  1. que guapa, ARTISTASSA!!!

    Cati Roig

  2. You had a beautiful year filled with lovely moments and everlasting memories! :)
    Happy New Year, Anastasia!

  3. I see lots of happiness too! Hope 2013 will be just as amazing for you and your loved ones!

  4. So many beautiful memories, Anastasia...and I know that 2013 will be filled with many, many more!


  5. i love how you say, "looking back i see i was happy."
    so simple and so important ♥

  6. Beautiful, poetic & so inspiring...!

  7. Every image shows love, joy and happy, Anastasia! You have a beautiful family and I see why you are so happy! XO

  8. Everything you do is painted in beauty--and wishing you a GREAT year full of more joy!

  9. Un 2012 de somni !! Unes imatges plenes de tendresa, felicitats guapa !!

  10. oh, my! your post has me wanting to live closer to you so that i could visit your happy little family!!

    [you have a pet snail??]

  11. Thank you, friends!
    I wish a happy 2013 to you all!

  12. What a beautiful happy family you have, surrounded by such an inspirational place!

  13. i love looking back over the year and seeing everything that you couldn't have expected to happen. makes the next year seem so exciting :)

  14. Great and inspiring photos and story!