New post cards!

I've printed new post cards! 4 desings printed on recycled paper with creamy soft finish.
The postcards feature my original photographies.
- Blowing soap bubbles. I took this picture on my birthday, the 2nd of July.
- Dream big and Carpe diem (seize the day from in Latin)
- Barefoot on the beach
- The pussycat - Taken on the entrance of our home - just a moment from my life...

You can find them here>>

This is my little photo-session assistant :)
 Do you know how sweet are his cheeks? :) #motherslove


  1. i love your new postcards!
    my favorite is you blowing bubbles.
    your assistant is just the sweetest!

  2. Owwww what a handsome assistant :)
    Curious to know how your translation job goes too.

  3. These are beautiful personalized postcards! You gave me an idea on how to make my own personalized postcards for my love ones! The shots that you took are all really pretty, but I really love the one with the beach! The quality of the print is good too.