I feel satisfied with my recent work, my heart sings with all these colors and textures, pure visual treats...

Pit fired faceted clay beads and an amazing fire opal bead, pomegranate natural silk thread and pine twig.
pit fired beads and fire opal pit fired beads and fire opal
I've custom-made double strand necklace with organic vessonite. ready
This necklae has got it's name - Tibet. Pomegranate silk thread and red jasper beads remember me buddhist monks robes and pine twig dipped in "gold" whisper about brass and golden complements of buddhist chapels and sandal wood beads - about oriental incenses...mmm...Tibet Dream big and carpe diem!

Did you know, that Etsy has been translated into Spanish? Did you know that there are a lot of international teams from different countries are working on translating the web into Italian, Japanese, Russian?! I've been invited into Russian translating team and I add my grains of translation as well! #excited

  Translating Etsy into Russian!


  1. I bet you do!
    Love how you mix different materials and textures.
    Tibet is sooo unique. Awesome work, Anastasia:)

  2. Wow those beads are truly beautiful! I'm totally smitten with them. Have now tucked your shop into my Etsy faves.