Let's love each other every day!

I already knew I love him when we met. The feeling of piece by his side was incredible...
It was not easy, belive me, it was not easy, but we did it.
I mooved with Rita from far far away to this island, to this home, to stay with this beautiful person and to share our lives...
 He gifted me one of his CD's and Catalan - Russian Russian - Catalan diccionary the day we met....
I remember myself listening for this CD with his Walkman, the music, the rythm was magic, everything was magic, I smiled so much those days so I felt pain in my facial muscles...
St Valentine's is close and probably it's silly, but I wanted to share this story with you.
Also, I'd love to giveaway one CD like this to someone who will leave a comment below...
And hey, St Valentine's is okay, but let's love each other every day!

p.s: I'll announciate the giveaway winner on Feb 15th.


  1. What a beautiful story, Anastasia, I can hear the love in your words. You are a lucky woman!

  2. i love your love story.
    and your photo is so beautiful!

    i remember the music from your mallorcan dance video.
    is it like this?: http://laccentnou.blogspot.com/2012/08/bubbles.html
    it makes me a little dizzy to watch them dance : )

  3. aw, this was incredibly sweet. happy vday to you both :)

  4. you are so gorgeous. i want to see more photos!

  5. Beautiful photo. Was this the CD he gave you or was it a mix he made? Do you still have it?

    1. Hi Mandy!
      My husband is musician and he composes music, plays guitar and sings.
      That CD was one of the CD's of his music band. And yes, I still have it :)

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