Welcome, Spring!

When I recently mooved to Mallorca I tried to do some gardening, but after digging hard soil and trying to plant carrots, then trying to riscue my plants from the burning sun, I decided to buy carrots in the supermarket :) and leave my gardening affairs :)
But now, Rita grown up and was asking for gardening.

I used to do gardening with my parents when I was child, some years we even planted potatoes. There were a lot of fruit trees and flowers in our garden and I love remembering those old happy days....
So, actually, I can show something to my daughter and . hey, I love working with the earth! Actually, what can be better than eating vegetables from your garden????
I remember myself and my brother sitting on the huge cherry tree eating cherries...yummm...

At the moment we planted carrot seeds, pumpkin seeds, tiny onions to protect carrots from insects and strawberry plants! :)
Everybody worked and enjoed it a lot! :)


Once upon a time...

Once upon a time dogs and hares were friends....
These intriguing letters are letters of one on the songs from my husband's new CD :)
In this project named "Venim de rondalles" - "We come from fairy tales" he explores Majorcan fairy tales and his own creativity once again but this time in solo.
In 1985 Antoni and his brother Jaume had created music band called Ocults. Along the way Ocults played a lot in Catalan countries and they had recorded 9 CDs composed by Antoni.
"Venim de rondalles" is Antoni's first CD in solitary.
Antoni said he was looking for the music on the books sheets. And magically, really mysteriously 11 beautiful songs are here.
Majorcan fairy tales have been recollected by Father Antoni Maria Alcover . He was the person who walked from one village to another and speaking with peasants recollected around 430 folk-fables.

Rondalles - fairy-tales - I read just few, I have to be honest.
But listening my husband's music I get curious: What happend because dogs and hares are not friends anymore? It impulses me to take the book from the shelves and discover all these stories.
There are so many new (for me)  forgotten (by majorcan people) words in these songs, suddenly I feel myself enrichened...

I also discover that fairy-tales treated such moden themes like violence and poverty...our society didn't change too much....
Sung in such tender palette, some songs explore traditional rythms more than other ones.
I greeted my husband with this brilliant work - really not because he is my husband, because I think so.

I leave you alone with his music and I hope you'll enjoy it.


Remember to stop and smell the roses...

These braids have been made by Rita - my daughter. I love them, and I told her that they are beautiful.
She put them on the table where I put my raku plate I made with a hanger on the back, but it fallen down when the piece was fired for the first time. It's ok. Actually, I knew I'll be happy with any result and I like surprises.
raku plate
It looks like a huge oyster and I love holding it in my hand. Big gold-y oyster. My raku accidental plate.
And those seeds, i found them walking in Manacor, I sprayed them with golden ink, just playing, ... just saying...
Golden vibes #laccentnou #handmade #golden #etsy
Love all those golden vibes...:)
Preparing treats for my customers! I'm ready for a bunch of sales! ....There are different tastes: strawberry, milk, hazelnut,  praline....have you tasted them all already? :P  #laccentnou  #milka #etsy #hello #friend #chocolate #treatyourself #love #much
Yesterday I was preparing my surprise bags for my customers and these cards with a little Milka on the back....I feel myself little bit Santa :) But isn't that beautiful that someone gives you her/his trust and choose things you made among millions of other things someone else has made?
I want to thank you and make you feel really special!!!

carpe diem
I found this fabric yesterday and i couldn't resist to puchase a piece to make my little bags...Isn't it beautiful? I would sew a scarf, or a skirt, or a dress or a blouse from this fabric if I had more time and better sewing skills... But at the moment I will share little pieces of things I'm in love with... my packaging remember to stop and smell the roses remember to stop and smell the roses


Raku again!

I did Raku again.
I told about Raku here about one year ago and you can see my post about it here >>
This time, I knew more or less what I can expect from this workshop, but it was in a different place and with different people.
It was nice to see my mates faces who were trying Raku for the first time: curiousity, delight, satisfaction...

Cati - the person who leaded the workshop was encouraging me to make bigger and more complicated pieces, but I just was inclined to make smaller and simple pieces, shaped with my hands, with my fingers.
I'm a big fan of simplicity and organic shapes, of imperfection.
I made one bigger bowl and few small bowls - one - with small holes - I wanted to finish it with wool...

Here you see bowls fired once and glazed, ready for Raku firing.
My bigger bowl - very very hot!
Very hot ceramic pieces ( about 1000ºC) are put into a camera with woodshavings and raku glazes develop their iridiscent color in reduction atmosphere (CO2)
Instantly woodshavings begin to burn. We close access to the oxigen putting the tap on.
After about 10 minutes in reduction camera pieces are ready, but they're still very hot. We put them into the water.
My tiny treasure :)
It's time for a nap! :)
So, here are my Raku babies! :)
 A tiny espresso wonder cup :)

A tiny wonder-bowl :)
And this hanging bowl is something I was thinking for a long time about, and finally the first one is here!
I incorporated hand-spun yarn into my ceramic pieces! I'm so excited!

By the way this hand-spun wonderful yarn is a generous gift from the sheep Thelma and a beautiful creation by Judith from http://www.etsy.com/shop/knoxfarmfiber