Once upon a time...

Once upon a time dogs and hares were friends....
These intriguing letters are letters of one on the songs from my husband's new CD :)
In this project named "Venim de rondalles" - "We come from fairy tales" he explores Majorcan fairy tales and his own creativity once again but this time in solo.
In 1985 Antoni and his brother Jaume had created music band called Ocults. Along the way Ocults played a lot in Catalan countries and they had recorded 9 CDs composed by Antoni.
"Venim de rondalles" is Antoni's first CD in solitary.
Antoni said he was looking for the music on the books sheets. And magically, really mysteriously 11 beautiful songs are here.
Majorcan fairy tales have been recollected by Father Antoni Maria Alcover . He was the person who walked from one village to another and speaking with peasants recollected around 430 folk-fables.

Rondalles - fairy-tales - I read just few, I have to be honest.
But listening my husband's music I get curious: What happend because dogs and hares are not friends anymore? It impulses me to take the book from the shelves and discover all these stories.
There are so many new (for me)  forgotten (by majorcan people) words in these songs, suddenly I feel myself enrichened...

I also discover that fairy-tales treated such moden themes like violence and poverty...our society didn't change too much....
Sung in such tender palette, some songs explore traditional rythms more than other ones.
I greeted my husband with this brilliant work - really not because he is my husband, because I think so.

I leave you alone with his music and I hope you'll enjoy it.


  1. i am listening now!
    i love the whistling in gigants : )
    and i added a link to this new post at the bottom of my post from yesterday - perfect timing!! ♥

    1. Every time I listen for Gigants, I remember of you and your comment, Catie!
      Thank you for your love! <3