Raku again!

I did Raku again.
I told about Raku here about one year ago and you can see my post about it here >>
This time, I knew more or less what I can expect from this workshop, but it was in a different place and with different people.
It was nice to see my mates faces who were trying Raku for the first time: curiousity, delight, satisfaction...

Cati - the person who leaded the workshop was encouraging me to make bigger and more complicated pieces, but I just was inclined to make smaller and simple pieces, shaped with my hands, with my fingers.
I'm a big fan of simplicity and organic shapes, of imperfection.
I made one bigger bowl and few small bowls - one - with small holes - I wanted to finish it with wool...

Here you see bowls fired once and glazed, ready for Raku firing.
My bigger bowl - very very hot!
Very hot ceramic pieces ( about 1000ºC) are put into a camera with woodshavings and raku glazes develop their iridiscent color in reduction atmosphere (CO2)
Instantly woodshavings begin to burn. We close access to the oxigen putting the tap on.
After about 10 minutes in reduction camera pieces are ready, but they're still very hot. We put them into the water.
My tiny treasure :)
It's time for a nap! :)
So, here are my Raku babies! :)
 A tiny espresso wonder cup :)

A tiny wonder-bowl :)
And this hanging bowl is something I was thinking for a long time about, and finally the first one is here!
I incorporated hand-spun yarn into my ceramic pieces! I'm so excited!

By the way this hand-spun wonderful yarn is a generous gift from the sheep Thelma and a beautiful creation by Judith from http://www.etsy.com/shop/knoxfarmfiber


  1. your raku babies are wonderful!
    my favorite is the tiny espresso wonder cup.
    but i also love the hanging design - so many possibilities with that! ♥

  2. Raku is so exciting! Beautiful to see how all of your lovlies look in your wonderful photos.