Welcome, Spring!

When I recently mooved to Mallorca I tried to do some gardening, but after digging hard soil and trying to plant carrots, then trying to riscue my plants from the burning sun, I decided to buy carrots in the supermarket :) and leave my gardening affairs :)
But now, Rita grown up and was asking for gardening.

I used to do gardening with my parents when I was child, some years we even planted potatoes. There were a lot of fruit trees and flowers in our garden and I love remembering those old happy days....
So, actually, I can show something to my daughter and . hey, I love working with the earth! Actually, what can be better than eating vegetables from your garden????
I remember myself and my brother sitting on the huge cherry tree eating cherries...yummm...

At the moment we planted carrot seeds, pumpkin seeds, tiny onions to protect carrots from insects and strawberry plants! :)
Everybody worked and enjoed it a lot! :)


  1. Wonderful way to spend time with your family. I think I'll plant a zuchinni, beans, mint, and strawberries too!

    1. Yes, it is, Dawn! :)
      We planted mint too :)
      I wish you happy gardening! :)

  2. Dear today we ere planning what plants this summer. We don´t have terrain but pots in the terrace. It´s good also.
    enjoy spring with family!!!

  3. Beautiful photos, as always!I love gardening too. Here in Italy we are still waiting for spring, (it's still snowing!!!)Kiss!

  4. good job, rita, getting your family into to garden!
    we have some tiny plants growing in our windowsills that we started from seeds a few weeks ago.
    one of them is purple orach, also called mountain spinach.
    we discovered it through our csa farm, where it grows like a weed, and this year we are growing some at home.
    see it close up here: