Some magic

It was for a long time now I  haven't been bloggin' - this one will be little bit long...
Here are some bits of our life I'd love to share with you...
Roser - she is our neighbour and Rita's friend - she brought Rita some flowers, a feather and some dried plants for me...

An important announcement: Poppies are blooming!!! :) And I love them!Poppies
And grape-plants unfold their first leaves... Vinya

My spring alergy is in it's full bloom as well :) Treasures - found and handmade
I did pit firing again and this beautiful piece came out. Here are my little treasures - crystals and branches and pebbles and feathers...

 We went to the library of Cala Rajada - this is an awesome new space in the middle of all those hotels and hotels and shops and shops. Neat, white and beautiful!
In one of the spaces of the library my husband had a small format concert and sang songs from his new album. In this blog post I tell the story of his new CD . You can listen and purchase it here <<


There also was an exhibition dedicated to Mallorcan fairy-tales and Mosén Antoni Alcover - man who documented most of them.

IMG_1184_1 IMG_1190_1

"Aixó era i no era..." - Once upon the time... IMG_1193_1 IMG_1185_1 IMG_1230_1 IMG_1236_1

Arnau found an extremely interesting book about prehistoric life :) And Rita - A diccionary of Harry Potter :) Wowzie!IMG_1237_1

Then, we mooved to Artà. We went to visit a new cultural space - museum - cafe - shop dedicated to Mallorcan fairy-tales - a museum of Mallorcan fairy tales. It is a really fun place fillen with sculptures of fairy tales caracters and also there is a cosy patio-bar and a shop of artisanal products from Artà. I recomend you to visit this place if once you will be visiting this lovely town. "Art Artà" is the name. IMG_1280_1 IMG_1272_1 IMG_1260_1 IMG_1255_1 IMG_1286_1 IMG_1278_1 IMG_1284_1

Oh, those mallorcan summer patios are really magic!IMG_1287_1



Waking up slowly is the best. Letting things just go, enjoying the moment is the best...
Days off are the best and even better when there are two, today and tomorrow. yep...

And this dear little man!
I'm in love!

Let's go to the sea! 
Rita, with her new haircut!
Look how these 2 share their space! Amazing!