Mother's day and other days

Happy Mother's day!
My daughter surprised myself today with a cake and this sweet "Barbie" ring :)
I enjoy my motherhod deeper and deeper every day more,..is it age? There is so much love in my heart...
My kids turn me crazy, totally. I feel I begin to embrace my motherhood...
There is only one thing ....reading fairy-tales makes me fall asleep too fast...I'm sorry, boys! :)

Other days...
February, the21st , early morning...

March, the 16th

March, the 18th

April, the 4th
April, the 12th
April, the 22nd

April, the 28th
May, the 2nd


  1. Ohh, how beautiful, Anastasia! You make a great mom I'm sure of that! Your kids are so lucky they picked you!!! <3
    Happy mothersday! I too feel richer and completer as a mom!!

    1. Happy Mother's day to you too, Mitsy! :)

  2. Each day is a great one and I can totally relate to your words. Happy Mother's Day to you! (we celebrate it next Sunday)