Moving the qi or studio move

We're moving the qi (how Catie said :)) quiet  intensively these days.
I mooved my studio to a bigger space and my daughter Rita, now her room in in my old studio space - more airy and sunny and spacious place where she can DANCE, READ and chat with her friends :)!
Me too, I gained an independent and bigger space where I can make a BIGGER MESS! Yay! 
We did a lot of changes and cleaning and I still clean and paint lil bit every day, it's tiring, but this change is what we wanted for a long time and were speaking a lot about, finally we moved the qi :)
Also it's exciting for me to rehabilitate an old space we didn't use for a long time, it was fillen with dust and web. 
I still need to put things in it's places and I still run crazy looking for tools and things, but everything will find it's place slowly, I know.
There is a LP player in my studio and a big bunch of old LPs, I wait excited for the moment when I'll be able to listen them.
Here are some pics from the new space and my first visitors... :)

You are welcome to drop a visit anytime, my studio is open for you too! xo



IMG_2506_1 IMG_2488_1


Petit déjeuner

I love how it sounds in French "petit déjeuner", actually many things sound nice in French for me.
In Russian we say "Zavtrak" and here in Mallorca "Berenar" :) Breakfast in my days-off at home sometimes becomes a little ritual with all my handmade plates and cups and spoons...
Today I boiled some buckwheat. Buckwheat remembers me my granny. A lot of times I ate buckwheat with milk and sugar at granny's home. We used to eat buckwheat in Russia, but not here. Rich with proteines, iron and other minerals, salad and sweet, it's good in any way. 

Yesterday I pick-up two bowls from the kiln. The mini one, white, I made it some time ago and it's crackled, unglazed, with yellow stains it was lost in the dust on my studio table. I decided to pant it and glaze it and give it better life on our kitchen. Welcome, sweet little baby!

The second bowl, I made it for my son Arnau. There is a raining cloud on the bottom of the bowl and Arnau  loved the game to finish the meal and to discover the cloud on the bottom! Fun! Yeah! :) 
Didn't you have a similar plate with an image on the bottom in your childhood? I did!



A cup of tea, of course!



Some sunshine

finally...sun shines!
May was cold, we were waiting for the sun. Finally it becomes warmer and we are heading to summer! yay!


IMG_2218_1 IMG_2224_1 IMG_2229_1 IMG_2233_1 Our love will still be there