Moving the qi or studio move

We're moving the qi (how Catie said :)) quiet  intensively these days.
I mooved my studio to a bigger space and my daughter Rita, now her room in in my old studio space - more airy and sunny and spacious place where she can DANCE, READ and chat with her friends :)!
Me too, I gained an independent and bigger space where I can make a BIGGER MESS! Yay! 
We did a lot of changes and cleaning and I still clean and paint lil bit every day, it's tiring, but this change is what we wanted for a long time and were speaking a lot about, finally we moved the qi :)
Also it's exciting for me to rehabilitate an old space we didn't use for a long time, it was fillen with dust and web. 
I still need to put things in it's places and I still run crazy looking for tools and things, but everything will find it's place slowly, I know.
There is a LP player in my studio and a big bunch of old LPs, I wait excited for the moment when I'll be able to listen them.
Here are some pics from the new space and my first visitors... :)

You are welcome to drop a visit anytime, my studio is open for you too! xo



IMG_2506_1 IMG_2488_1


  1. well that is fabulous ♦ happy moving! a creative mind can be quite messy! ha ha ............ :o)

  2. What a wonderful post! I love seeing your beautiful little ones~They are so beautiful! I love that shot of your studio helper :) Thanks for sharing! I SO wish I could come over and spend a day in your studio with you!!!!!

  3. fantastic! am so sorry i didn't make it to see you on the trip ~ all felt overwhelming in the best way ~ i just need to go again with more time xx

  4. It looks wonderful already, Anastasia. Such a gorgeous family you have!

  5. So exciting to create new spaces for each of you! It is a " process" but it looks like you are finding your way with some darling helpers.

  6. breathtakingly beautiful, in pictures and even more so in person.
    muchos besos to roc & arnou {and to you & toni & rita} ♥

  7. me encantaa!!!
    ayy esos niñosss !