Petit déjeuner

I love how it sounds in French "petit déjeuner", actually many things sound nice in French for me.
In Russian we say "Zavtrak" and here in Mallorca "Berenar" :) Breakfast in my days-off at home sometimes becomes a little ritual with all my handmade plates and cups and spoons...
Today I boiled some buckwheat. Buckwheat remembers me my granny. A lot of times I ate buckwheat with milk and sugar at granny's home. We used to eat buckwheat in Russia, but not here. Rich with proteines, iron and other minerals, salad and sweet, it's good in any way. 

Yesterday I pick-up two bowls from the kiln. The mini one, white, I made it some time ago and it's crackled, unglazed, with yellow stains it was lost in the dust on my studio table. I decided to pant it and glaze it and give it better life on our kitchen. Welcome, sweet little baby!

The second bowl, I made it for my son Arnau. There is a raining cloud on the bottom of the bowl and Arnau  loved the game to finish the meal and to discover the cloud on the bottom! Fun! Yeah! :) 
Didn't you have a similar plate with an image on the bottom in your childhood? I did!



A cup of tea, of course!



  1. ◄-y-u-m-►
    such sweet little bowls & spoons...

  2. son hermosos! y siempre he adorado el color tierra en tus creaciones!

  3. ...even more gorgeous now that i've been there.
    what a treat to eat my morning porridge from arnou's raincloud bowl ♥