Where I am

I wasn't blogging for a while now.
Summers is always a busy time for me.
I work in hospitality so I work hard when people come to Mallorca for holidays.
I was working for 6 summers in a huge hotel with 875 rooms by the sea. I worked hard, I learned a lot, I had fun and trouble, I met wonderful people, but during last years I began to look for change, just needed it.
The change came.
In December I started my work at a small rural hotel (rural means out of the town), in a land hotel called Sa Bassa Rotja with 38 rooms only. So since then I spend a lot of time 5 days a week in a 14th century hotel building and surroundings taking care of our customers holidays.

Everything is smaller here, quantity of rooms, quantity of clients, so I spend more quality time giving my best.  Here I have more oportunities to be creative than on the other job and my creativeness and experience is welcomed! I have to say I work with lovely people. We organize a ton of fun things like Yoga, Wake-up gym, show-cooking, veggies gathering from our garden, we'll make wine with our grapes, we bake our bread sometimes, we offer bikes for free for our customers. There is a vegetarian menu beside of a non-vegetarian one in our restaurant.
I spend a lot of time outdoor, going from one part of the hotel to another, the surroundings are truly inspiring, very beautiful and incredibly peaceful.
work outfit

I'm free to plan my days-off, I've choosen my little reception team. We decided how our uniform will be.work outfit

The temptation to jump into this crystal water in our swimming-pool is big! :)

Bon dia! #bondia #mallorca #water #swimmingpool #sunday #sabassarotja.com #sun

I make floral arrangements for the reception desk and for special events, really enjoy this.

#sabassarotja #laccentnou #mallorca #flower #stone #rock #rockring #ring #glassdome

Does somebody want freshly squeezed orange juice? :)

Bon dia! #bondia #orange
Or heavenly smelling home made bread?
#bread #sabassarotja

La vida es dura :) #sabassarotja

I take car every morning to go to work, I go to Manacor and then, I head to Porreres via Vilafranca.
Almost everyday I see airballoons rising to the sky. Sometimes wake-up early is gratifying because early morning foggy landscapes are magic...
Bon dia! #bondia #mallorca #airballoon #vilafranca #sunday #diumenge #sunrise
Bon dia! Bona nit, @merryvine ! :) #sunrise #airballoon #mallorca
Bon dia! #airbaloon #mallorca  #bondia
#sunrise #mallorca
I work with people everyday and I love it. Sometimes challenging, sometimes pleasant work, that gives me more life and opportunity to meet nice people and to express different facets of my personality. 
But how one my friend said: I love my work, but do look forward to a time when I can design my own days...
At the moment I'm looking for balance trying to enjoy just everything that my days bring.



  1. the hotel is my idea of true rustic beauty {and i've seen it with my own two eyes!}. you did an amazing job of capturing it. i love your neutral "uniform" with your suave menorquines.
    the foggy landscapes you see on your morning commute really are magic.
    nice to see beautiful you! ♥

  2. What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing your day with us... and the amazing beauty, and your enthusiasm, which is truly inspiring! You love life and it shows! :) xxx

  3. beautiful scenery and lovely post!
    it is a pleasure to know you and have these glimpses into your sweet life....


  4. just felt like I travelled to PMI reading your blogpost, a real delight!

  5. qué lindas fotos, me encantan los paisajes y sin duda ese aire de relax y verano que tiene el hotel...

    y con gusto yo podría vestir tu uniforme cada día!