First pots and fall

In the wheelthrowing workshop. Love the wooden panel and the hangers.
My work place and my "yellow submarine" :)

Our instructor shows us trimming pot base.

My first finished pots...

Pòrtol - is the town where the course takes place
Today I finished this - Wintering birds.
Turquoise and red - love the combo!

Turquoise and jasper - yum!


A friend of mine gifted us a kite! We are so excited about this! Can't wait to go to the beach and make it fly! Yoo-hoo!

Happy thanksgiving to my American friends!

With much love...



I want to introduce you someone very special...

I want to introduce you someone very special - my friend Catie.

Missy and Catie - best friends
I met Catie on Etsy and we connected very easily. Catie is a mother of three kids, she is blogger, gourmet and an excellent chef, vegetarian, an artist and a person with a big heart. I admire her way of living and sometimes, when I read her blog, I think I wouldn't mind if she adopts me as a fourth child :) Everything that Catie does is so smart, yummy, cozy and loaded with love.

Not very long time after we met  Catie purchased two of my Ray of light necklaces - one for her best friend Missy and another one for herself. Catie told me that Missy was fighting with cancer for 7 1/2 years already.
It struck my heart deeply and also I felt thankful for inviting me and my creations into their friendship.
I read a lot about Missy on Catie's blog and spoke a lot with Catie about her. I'm so sorry Missy lost the battle, last spring she passed away...

I had an impression that Missy was a very happy person, mother, wife. She was light. Strong. Kind. She loved much and she was surrounded by loving people.
Catie told me that Missy had this sticker on her car:

Here Catie blogs about this: http://five-ten-fifteen.blogspot.com.es/2013/06/why-be-normal.html
I've got an exact sticker like that one on my car too, because Catie came for a visit and gifted me few of them.
Yes, Catie came for a visit, from Idaho, US to Mallorca. Yes she did!
Last winter Catie told me they were planning a travel to Europe with her daughter Marian. So I asked her why they don't come to Mallorca? Crazy, but happend. They extended their travel and visited us!!!

I wanted to blog about Catie's and Marian's summer visit for a while, but summer flew away too fast....
So here we are - 4 ladies standing one in front of each other. On the beach. On the majorcan beach. Yep!
Marian, Rita, Catie and I
I lost my voice when Catie came. I think I was so excited that my body decided to switch off my voice. I couldn't even speak with my voice, I'm sorry, Catie! I can speak well now. I found my voice! :)

We spent wonderful time together, too short, but wonderful really. I'm SO HAPPY I knew you in person, Catie and Marian!

Catie and me
Marian and Rita

Cala Anguila
Toni, Arnau, Rita, Marian, Catie, me

A fabric baggy Catie gave me to pick up some woodland finds. Catie always carries some reausable shopping bags with her, bags that make difference and I love that! You can read more about cloth produce bags in her blog post: http://five-ten-fifteen.blogspot.com.es/2010/10/cloth-produce-bags.html

Catie and the mojito :)
Catie, the mojito and me :)
Read about Mallorca mojito the world's best on Catie's blog: http://five-ten-fifteen.blogspot.com.es/2013/07/mallorcan-mojito-worlds-best.html

We 4 in Palma

Ca'n Alcover in Palma
We walked in Palma. Just let ourselves go by the streets in the old town. We found Ca'n Alcover - a cultural foundation dedicated to Joan Alcover - mallorca poet. We found actors playing in the patio. It was magic.

Rita & Marian
Can you see a white swan sleeping?

A very narrow street in Palma
It was really magic.
Thank you, girls!