Studio, fall and giveaway-s

I'm moving with my tools to warmer places at home...it's too cold and humid in my studio...


I've been working on leaves...


Here they are and also here available for purchase>>


Also I finished these beautiful pieces IMG_8003_1

and this one


and my such a wonderful model :) IMG_8036_1

There is a big big world in her eyes... IMG_8031_1 IMG_8021_1 IMG_8020_1 IMG_8037_1 IMG_8012_1

I received this and I love it! A good reminder to leave everything and shower my kids and my loved ones with my attention and my time...Just received this! #takeyourtimelovingme #pegandawl @pegandawl

Fall is fabulous -  it's here -  and I love it... IMG_8067_1

It doesn't rain and we enjoy sunny days IMG_8093_1
I think the plants they do enjoy not so wet and gray days also IMG_8109_1 IMG_8123_1 IMG_8127_1 IMG_8134_1
Medlar tree in bloom...smells heavenly...bees just adore these flowers...me too.. IMG_8135_1 IMG_8140_1



dead beauty...


and beauty of newborn  life...

IMG_8042_1 IMG_8045_1

Unoccupied snail houses I've been picking in the garden...


I also wanted to tell you something very very nice!!!
Lovely Vibeke from Norway hosts a huge giveaway on her blog - an advent giveway- that means that every day until the 24th of December there is an artist giving away a creation! 23 wonderful giveaways from 23 wonderful artists! Don't forget to check Vibeke's blog every day to discover an artist and to enter the giveaway!

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