November - documenting beauty

Documenting moments of beauty

November morning dew

Roses and jasmine from our garden


applying gold lustre and let it dry - clear red on dark black - it's enough to break my eyes forever :)

my 2014 edition ornaments

I made this

and this 

and these

I learned a bit how to make sushi :) nom nom

I picked herbs from our garden and made aromatic bundles

and then, hung them in the studio :)

I got rid of old furniture and let light and air in  - my studio takes shape...

People found my work beautiful and I sent much little packages all over the world! Thank you, guys!!!

And also much much love...

I picked pomegranates

I found them so beautiful!

I took new pictures for old stuff

I had fun mix-matching beads and made some necklaces

I enjoyed smelling loquat tree blooms, these hairy flowers....



 October was still crazy at work but kids already started school, so we were returning to our routine slowly. I spent more time in the studio.

Roc, dreaming his dreams :)

Finished these lotus pods and did a Giveaway on my Instagram

Love this picture

Preparing a pumpkin  for mold making

A selfie in the studio

First reproductions

Magic sunrises


May your dreams come true - holiday sale!

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Sale will be on until the 3rd of December  and you can apply the coupon code at minimum purchase of 30$.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!