A beautiful day

First of all I'd love to give a huge thank you to lovely Vibeke for her darling blog post!
I feel so much loved, thank you!!! ♥ 
A big thank you also to all the nice people who already joined my giveaway! :)

It was a beautiful day for me yesterday. Even all of them are beautiful in some way, but yesterday was a very special day...

I woke up, prepared a green tea my friend gave me in my last trip to Moscow and started cleaning our home. I found an apron I actually sewn and screenprinted in Etsy labs in Prinzessinnengärten, Berlin about 3 years ago. It was my first screenprint ever :)
So I found it and I put it on. It's short and it has pockets, just ideal for tools or similar stuff.
So I was cleaning home in a chaotic way (well because I found cleaning was necessary in every corner of home, so I just somehow was doing these everything at the same moment)...
We had planned a visit to "Green point" - a place in the town where people bring all trash and things to be recycled.
So me and my hubby, we gathered all the stuff we wanted to throw away in home and in the garden: some old appliances, old hoses, plastic and cardboard boxes, some clothes, old baby stroller e t.c. e t.c. e t. c...I wanted to do this a lot of time ago, finally it was the moment with feeling of cleaning, of reset, of new start.... We filled our van with all this stuff and moved to the town.
Before going to the "Punt verd" (green point) we stopped at "Lechuga verde" (green lettuce :)) and had some lunch - lentil burger with pommes frites for me with carrot-apple-mandarina fresh squeezed juice for both and tuna salad for Antoni.

Our day was opening so beautifull and magically like this bud of green tea

After lunch we left all the trash at the "Punt verd" and moved forward Pòrtol in our "oldie-van", it is so old...I love sitting inside because it remembers me my childhood. We went to Pòrtol for 2 reasons - first - to pick up my new-second-hand ceramic kiln (Yay!) and the second - because I had my wheel-thrown class. I was going to Pòrtol not alone this time. In an old van, with my hubby, we crossed the island from south-east to north-west, heading to Tramuntana mountains. Manacor - Algaida - Santa Eugènia (love the name)- Santa Maria - Pòrtol. In-between of narrow roads, green fields and blooming almond trees... In Pòrtol we met lovely people who helped us to put the kiln into the van. Pòrtol is a lovely little town with wide pottery tradition history and filled with pottery workshops. We went up to the hill and suddenly we saw all Palma city from the place where we were, Palma bay and the sea in a soft afternoon sun. This picture on the long shot and pasturing sheeps with bells on their necks and green grass and blooming almond trees in foreground. It was shocking in a good way, I got excited, almost crying I thought - I adopt my baby-kiln from this heaven...

We arrived to the place where my kiln and her owner were living. There we met also a lady-dog named Noor which means "light" in arab. Noor was a very friendly labrador lady-dog, I liked her, she liked me :)
So the kiln was in our van. Pilar -the ex-owner of the kiln - teached ceramic all her life, she has shown me her studio. I regret I didn't have my camera with me. It was such a nice and neat place, very pieceful. I just loved the feeling and felt thankful for showing it to me.
We left with the kiln in our van. I was very excited. I was dreaming of this moment for so long time!
Toni told me: I'm so happy for you!...
I felt so grateful to my husband to accompany me on this trip of our life.

I spent bad night dreaming about kiln installation :)

An experiment - mixing clay with coffee to achieve a different texture and less weight.

Today I took some pics I wanted to share with you.

beads for another Threaded memories necklace 
More finished pots
Made in Pòrtol by myself :)

mandarines are the best right now
New Dreamy amazonite Crescent moons earrings - already in the shop
Symbiosis earrings - symbiosis of copper and silver 
My hammer does a great job. :) 
Arnau made this wall art, I pit-fired it and use it as incense holder, awesome, ha!?
from me to you, with


  1. The joy and excitement I feel for you right now...
    And those little hearts...

  2. Ohhhhh yeah!! i remember when I got my kiln! Overexcited and happy! Many happy times with it all & with making more beautiful creations!!! XO

    1. Thank you so much, dear Mitsy!!!!
      I think I'll need some time to digest all this happiness :))

  3. What a beautiful day and story Anastasia! I can't wait to see what else you create with your new kiln:) I love the color of those blue pots, SO pretty!:)

  4. So nice to know there are almonds in bloom, here al is still cold and grey.
    Have lots and lots of fun with your new kiln, I can feel a lot of happiness coming from it :)

  5. my goodness gracious your post is a true feast for the eyes (and soul!) so much beauty i need to look at everything slowly and then once again. i'm so happy vibeke introduced us to you :)