On holidays!

I AM ON HOLIDAYS at my day job!!!!!!
Yessssss to long sleeps and late wake-ups! Yoohoo! :)
I was working non-stop for 13 months, now I have my well deseved one month of holidays! Yeah!

Of course I have a to-do plan for my holidays - there is so much things I'd love to do, but first of all - to relax and rest my bones :)

I go north, closer to the mountains to wheelthrow. I love my lonely travels through small villages, narrow  roads, plows, vineyards and fields bathed in setting sun shine.

I get hooked on wheelthrowing, guys....
I picked up this sweetness from the kiln - one of my first wheelthrown (mini) bowls.
Speaking with our instructor Joan Pere about ceramic kilns I understand there is so so much to learn about.
Very soon I'll bring my kiln home, installation will take some time, then I'll have to learn how to load and to fire...So much excitement!

 I love my new hammer and steel bloc which have arrived today together with some beautiful gemstones!

By the way, do you know that L'Accent nou turned 5 years old? Five years old, I can't believe, time run so fast!
Due to this there is a little celebration in my shop until the 9th of February. You can use HAPPYMONTH coupon code for 20% off for purchases over 30$.
You can use this code in my Etsy shop>>  and in my bigcartel shop>> also!


  1. i love holidays.
    i hope your holiday is restful, reconnecting you to what is important in life.


  2. enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! and be a tourist yourself ;-)!
    Lovely necklace by the way.

  3. Love your work and colors. They speak of the landscape you live in. Have a great holiday!