Petites coses

* Finally I'm able to "embrace" my ceramic pieces with silver - something I wanted to do for a long time, I had a crazy desire to avoid using glue. They are available for purchase in my shop here>> or here >>
Remember that you can use HAPPYMONTH coupon code for 20% off until the 9th of February!
* Few days ago I received my new Moo business cards, I'm so in love with them 
* Today I went to Alcúdia and met an artisan who makes shoes. I loved meeting her and shoes she makes.
   She will sell some L'Accent nou pieces in her workshop starting from May. Yay! :) We have enough time to prepare everything until then.
* I received amazing prints from Australian artist Belinda Marshall They are even more beautiful in real life.I'm going to frame the largest one to hang it in our home.
* The muffins Catie made look like heaven, my mouth is watering...
* I prepare my swap surprise for the swap Vibeke organized in her blog. So fun!
* I hope you are having a lovely week-end :)
much love,



Wonderful art from Belinda


  1. i love your petites coses!
    your new metalwork is lovely. yes, an "embrace" beats glue, any day.
    i'm following belinda & her daily artwork on IG now because of you : )
    moo should pay you for this beautiful publicity ~ that is a beautiful mosaic.
    your earrings look amazing on those cards.
    i'm doing vibeke's swap, too...
    that view of alcudia is breathtaking!!!
    i want to walk along there with you & peek in all the windows...

    1. Next time you'll come, catie, we'll go to Alcúdia and will peek in all the windows of this beautiful town <3

  2. I LOVE the earrings! The prongs are beautiful and really let the lovely ceramic work stand out! I have yet to try to make prongs to set a stone, I really want to try it out and see if I can figure it out myself. The cards are lovely and those shoes are so CUTE! What a wonderful thing to make friends with a shoemaker :)

  3. They look beautiful - the cards and the earrings!
    Congratulations on having your jewellery for sale in what must be a gorgeous studio space.

  4. So beautiful and earthy. Congratulations on your anniversary : ) mari...

  5. I love it all!! Your new cards look so great, especially with the earrings on them! And I love the earrings too! And those shoes, so cute:)

  6. ooooh! your earrings!! and your moo cards! fabulous! so pretty, i would have a difficult time giving them away, just so lovely!

    1. I do have a difficult time giving them away, Lori ann!!! :)
      Thank you for visiting my blog!

  7. Thank you, lovely ladies, for your love! :)