Sunday walk

Our magic evergreen oak tree. Touch it and make a big wish...

After discovering Mona and her blog about natural dyeing,  I pick up these leaves. Will they dye? If yes, in which color?

Almond tree blooming. Can you see almonds on the branches?

A necklace we made for Rita - she has choosen the beads, I suggested little things.
Crystal, rhodonite, amazonite, pit fired beads, clay beads from clay from my home town, jasper, pine twig, sandal wood beads, leather strap.
I love it because it has no rules, it's asymmetric and combines cold and warm colors.

Today we  down-loaded the kiln from the van with help of our neighbour. Tomorrow he'll help us to install the chimney. I feel so grateful....
I wish you a wonderful week!
with much love,


  1. The necklace may be asymmetric but it is perfectly balanced in weight and tone!
    I love that you have almond trees in bloom and could pick an almond from the branch where you live :)

  2. Love that necklace for Rita! Anastasia, you live in paradise.

    1. This is what I tell them (to mallorcan people) - this is a paradise! :)

  3. Beautiful... thank you for sharing Mallorca with me : ) m.

  4. oh how lovely! your photos are so pretty, but you are gorgeous! and oh how i love your creations. i LOVE the necklace of little things.

  5. Thank you for your kind words! I really hope you will try natural dyeing, I've been thinkink it would look great with your jewellery!
    Love the twig ornament and the whole necklace:)