Which is your favorite color?

I was making beads today for Wintering birds necklace and Classic pearl necklace

I received my color swap surprise from Martine who lives in nothern Norway, where people see northern lights...
It was so fun to receive her sweet parcel. I'm in love with just with everyhting - from fabric, to card with one of my favorite quotes and soft handmade pads! The colors!
Today I sent my parcel, I hope she'll love the llittle things in her favorite colors I've sent her :)

Which is your favorite color/s? :)


  1. I am so glad you liked your swap present ;) And also I have to say, you make the prettiest necklaces. Love the combination of red and turquoise :) have a nice day!

  2. my favorite color is grey : )
    {i love lluna's grey with her blue eyes}
    i'm swapping with casey, whose favorite color is yellow.
    i agree with martine, your turquoise next to red is beautiful ♥

  3. Oooo I love the turquoise mix! Simply stunning!

  4. gooodnesss! love your sweet color package (i forgot to sign up!) what pretty gifts you received, and in such pretty colors. i love your necklaces so much, and the way you photograph them. all the delicious colors and textures are so nice together. i like most every color, every shade has it's own charm.

  5. My favorite color is green. I especially a Jade green.
    I love the color combos you do in your jewelry!

  6. Actually, I have a lot of favourite colours, it changes with the time of year and the moods. But blues, greys and purples are perhaps what I like the most. And all natural dyed colours, of course ;)
    Beautiful necklace you've made - and it's really a remarkable red on those pearls.
    I'm also in that colour swap, but still in process of making/gathering ...