Sneak peek

New plants for our garden. Aromatic herbs and herbs with therapeutic properties: rosemary, lavender, calendula, thyme, camomille and a pretty succulent plant.

Hi there! 
Here are just few pics of what I was up to. 

Glazing a bowl.

Wheelthrowing on Tuesdays :)

Such a mini-baby-bowl :) A little whimsy to keep tiny beads in :)

Love Hwasoon's cacao lip balm!

Flora and fauna - a fusion of ceramic tiny embossed pieces in silver frame. I feel proud about this one :)

Remember always  -You are the best! In Spanish we say:  Eres un 10!

A pocket stone or a magnet to remember - you are awesome! :)

Declare your love!
Te quiero! - they say in Spanish

T'estim! - we say here at mallorca island in Catalan.

 Thyme and the sun.
It been really nice and warm here these last days.

Be well!


Yellow-green sunday

A beautiful cuff from Sierra. I just can't take it off!

with much  


Giveaway winner is....

Elflyn! Congratulations!!! :) The Sheep will be excited to travel to Australia to a home of knitter :)

Thank you very much to everybody who entered this giveaway!

With much love,


Looking back - 3 weeks of holidays

Tomorrow I go back to work.
3 weeks at home were wonderful even half of this time I was ill (caught cold)
I look back and I see that:
- I spent much time with my kids
- I enjoyed cooking for my family and my food every time tastes yummier
- I created new designs in clay and silver
- I purchased a ceramic kiln, transported it home and the installation is almost done
- I planted a plant on the entrance to our piece of land (few years ago I planted a lavender there, but it was stolen (!), now I planted a simple succulent plant, hopefully it won't call so much attention :))
- I took bike, I went out walking, we went hiking (pictures from our today hike are below)
- I got rid of much stuff we didn't need
- I slept as much as I needed every morning and some afternoons, I rested
- I saw much beauty and took much beautiful pictures
- I cleared my thoughts
- I made more pots, I learned a bit more
- I revamped my web page>> and set up a bigcartel>> shop
- I blogged more often and I took my time to visit more often blogs I follow
- I treated myself with handmade stuff of my fav artists, fairies and makers :)
- I sent gifts to my best friend for her birthday
- I sent much love to much corners of the globe and felt grateful for all the amazing support of all my fabulous friends, customers and members of my family

It was wonderful time!

Mountains of algae on the beach of Son Real

Prehistoric necropolis dating back to the talaiotic age  VII c.B.C. - I c.A.D.

We were lucky with the weather - sunny and not windy


Kids had much fun! Rita made new friends :)

I couldn't stop beachcombing :)

Our friends


Unknown plant with amazingly beautiful  blossom

Flowers for mom - My little gentleman