Sneak peek

New plants for our garden. Aromatic herbs and herbs with therapeutic properties: rosemary, lavender, calendula, thyme, camomille and a pretty succulent plant.

Hi there! 
Here are just few pics of what I was up to. 

Glazing a bowl.

Wheelthrowing on Tuesdays :)

Such a mini-baby-bowl :) A little whimsy to keep tiny beads in :)

Love Hwasoon's cacao lip balm!

Flora and fauna - a fusion of ceramic tiny embossed pieces in silver frame. I feel proud about this one :)

Remember always  -You are the best! In Spanish we say:  Eres un 10!

A pocket stone or a magnet to remember - you are awesome! :)

Declare your love!
Te quiero! - they say in Spanish

T'estim! - we say here at mallorca island in Catalan.

 Thyme and the sun.
It been really nice and warm here these last days.

Be well!


  1. Thank you for this lovely post. It is inspiring and gives me some hope and warmth. We are experiencing a terrible blizzard and I am buried in five feet of snow. It is freezing and totally white so seeing flowers and green is wonderful❤️

    1. You are welcome, Georgia!
      We can only dream about a real snowy winter!
      I wouldn't mind to fall into white white snow and play in snow balls with my kids! :)

  2. Your plants look great!
    I can't wait until I am planting out some seeds and herb too.
    The wheel throwing classes seem to be going good - also, I LOVE your little pot :)