A touch of magic

Today we went to visit  friends in Portocolom.
Portocolom occupies a special place in my heart. My friend Pilar lived here, my friends live here, it's just a beautiful and little bit magic place.

Portocolom lighthouse

Sweet muscat wine - Moscatell - Yumm!

Calçots - tender onions. Calçotada - onions harvesting celebration. Calçots are roasted on fire, peeled and eaten with romesco sauce.

Hola, Fresque! :)

Rita played guitar for the first time! She learned few chords! :)

A tribute to a dog. Love it.

Windows to see how life passes.

Our friend gifted me this air plant I always wanted to have. Yay! :)

It was a beautiful day we spent with friends. We could hear the sea all the time, it was little bit magic....
Today we change time to summer time, I'll sleep one hour less. Do you change time also?


Pursuing spring

Sometimes I ask myself if I'm runing too fast wanting to make too much?
I should find a way to balance my life and to do things I enjoy most s l o w l y.

So what I did in last 3 weeks?
- I had a short trip to Barcelona and did important paper affaires
- I was ill and Roc was ill too - we caught cold. It was really bad, with fever, I'm still coughing :/
- I was working much with ceramic beadsfor a wholesale order and did my first bisque firing at home! It went smooth even it took longer than I wanted. 8 1/2 hours instead of 6 1/2h.
- I have new glasses I really love (I think for the first time in my life) that didn't cost me a fortune.
- I met with friends I haven't seen for a long time - in Barcelona and here
- I take more care of my diet: drink more water, eat less sweets and bread, no cow milk, no butter. I lost weight!!!


Touched by nature

Seizing Sunday morning - a fast hike to Cala Petita with kids.
Here are some pics:

Natural planters with flowers..

Cala Petita

Water was icing!

Soft soft sand....ahh

This is not a first time I find this kind of crystal rocks here. At the moment without identifying.

A wild asparagus says: Hi! :)

I took this little planter home

Beautiful natural textures - just a beach stone

Crrrazy adventures! :)

I could identify this beautiful orchidea with help of this online Herbarium 

On the way back home under this sky

Here are two custom clay necklaces I finished recently - Slices of life - white just like white sand...

and gray like gray rocks...

Spring crystal waters...