Touched by nature

Seizing Sunday morning - a fast hike to Cala Petita with kids.
Here are some pics:

Natural planters with flowers..

Cala Petita

Water was icing!

Soft soft sand....ahh

This is not a first time I find this kind of crystal rocks here. At the moment without identifying.

A wild asparagus says: Hi! :)

I took this little planter home

Beautiful natural textures - just a beach stone

Crrrazy adventures! :)

I could identify this beautiful orchidea with help of this online Herbarium 

On the way back home under this sky

Here are two custom clay necklaces I finished recently - Slices of life - white just like white sand...

and gray like gray rocks...

Spring crystal waters...


  1. Que recuerdos !! Qué preciosa Rita, que pelo ❤️❤️Que calma y tranquilidad

  2. Wow those rock necklaces are so pretty! I thought it were clay, because how could one ever find so many flat round stones?! Mallorca looks great at this time of the year <3

    1. These are clay necklaces, Judith! I wanted to say: White like sand and gray like rocks :)

  3. Just beautiful ! So wonderful to see the precious flowers❤️It is still below zero with many feet of snow �� my grandmother used to have a garden with rocks like those and I always loved them for their uniqueness.
    Loving the white necklace!

  4. bon dia, sweet family!
    i love to see little roc keeping up on the hike : )
    and, like georgia says, it is very nice to see springtime blooming in paradise!
    i LOVE your new necklaces ♥

  5. what a beautiful place and hike for the family! love the orchids and daisies! and such beautiful necklaces, wearing a piece of nature must feel deeply satisfying.