Day at home

Todays I spend my day off at home with my kids as they have their Easter holidays and don't go to school.
Roc started his day with a bath
Hello there! :)

Lluna says: Hi! :)

I harvested  first camomille flowers from our garden into my wheelthrown bowl painted with slip, decorated with ceramic pigments and glazed *PROUDLY*

Air plant is about to bloom


Whishing you a wonderful week-end! xoxo


Slices of spring

I wanted to start this blog post with this picture - this is how it smells here now - orange trees are in blossom.

I was excited working on preparing a wholesale order for shop in Kiev, Ukraine. 

I add some coffee to the clay, so when beads are fired, coffee burns out and leaves empty spaces - then beads weight less!

"Patience" will be embossed on one of the slices of the necklace.

And here is just a popurri of pictures, just some slices of our life....

Sage and jasmine

Sanding beads before firing

Neutralizing bath for oxidized sterling silver earrings in my wheelthrown bowl :)

Earrings parade! Shop is updated! >>

Many thanks to Rita for being my model for earrings photo shooting!