Hello there! Here we are!
Lluna's wild  stretchings - cat yoga  :)

In my studio - fired pieces - next step - mixing ingridients to prepare glazes - wildly exciting!

Slices of life - rased from ashes - earrings. Just wildly simple.

Designing displays for L'Accent nou pieces in real shops. Wildly fun!

Here are some wild flowers from our garden. Love them (wildly)!

Wild nature.

I was contemplating swallows performance today evening. They are beautiful and very fast.



I'm happy

Last Russian language lesson - chez moi - I cooked russian salads and we watched Madagascar 3 in Russian. The course is over now. My students learned much, me too. I feel proud for myself and for them. It was challenging as I'm not a trained teacher and also it was hard having such a busy schedule during few months. Now I rest.
Wheelthrowing course continuous until the end of June. Then, I'll join some shorter ceramic courses like naked raku and then an intensive and quiet complete 2 weeks Ceramic molds course by our wheelthrowing instructor Joan Pere Català  held at Joan Miró foundation in Palma. I'm very excited about all these upcoming courses even I believe it will be little bit hard for me to combine all this with my day job. But, I'm sure, I'll survive! :)
I had 2 days off last week plus 1 day holidays, it feels really nice. I rested and I'm happy because I spent more time in my studio. Filling my kiln with stuff....and thinking about glazes I'll prepare to cover quirky hanging planters I made recently. I don't need to take my stuff to fire anywhere anymore, I can do it myself. This is my studio and this is my kiln and now I have little bit more time to spend creating, cleaning, organizing, hugging my kids, kissing my husband, cooking, sunbathing, watering my garlics, reading, just breathing and looking around....  I'm happy.

I made some pit fired beads for Dawn - hands and soul behind LaTouchables - here you can find her blog and her shop. She'll use my beads in her creations. I'm so so very excited!!!! to see her pouch with my single pitfired bead here >>

I also been lucky and won this ring from Omar Maldonado in a giveaway! I call it "Full moon" ring and I love it 

Rita's herbarium - she knows much about herbs and their therapeutic properties. I learn a lot from my daughter. She prepared chicory tea with honey for me today - I sung after I drunk it. 

c-o-l-o-r-s  l-o-v-e


fields of gold

New avarques for new summer - soft and comfy