A very exciting week

It was a very exciting week. I have participated in a 5 days ceramic workshop by Ramon Fort. Ramon Fort lives in a little town Llers in Catalonia. He is the founder and teacher of a pottery  residence where people from all over the world come to learn ceramics. So this time Ramon came to Mallorca to the pottery school where I was studing wheelthrowing to show us some exciting techniques!
It was such a pleasure to meet him in person and also all the people who shared these 5 days with me at the workshop! I had much fun and learned a lot!

My pieces - all made on the wheel.

Applying terra sigillata.

Sunset on the way back home.

Pure magic!

Part of my pieces finished with Obvara technique - love them!

"Painting" with a feather.

Raku "naked" below.

Myself in action :) You can also see the kiln we built during the workshop. Cool, yeah!?

"Painting" with hair.

Above is how my day started, below - how it finished  -a wedding at work.

Tomorrow I start ceramic molds course in Palma at Pilar and Joan Miró foundation. It will be intense 2 weeks course, but fun for sure!
Wishing you an exciting week!


Keep your craziness and beautiful smile....

Days are much hotter here. 33ºC (91ºF) every day. Herbs dry on the sun and fields change color.

We harvested apricots from our small tree. They were delicious.

We are about to harvest our garlics. I tryed one and it was tender and delicious!

I had a visit in my studio. We played with clay with boys mixing it with coffee and lentils.
The experiment with coffee went smooth, but lentil experiment failed with white clay.

Arnau made a snail from clay and a cuff.

Failed experiment with lentils - we put too much lentils into the clay and dryed balls on he sun too fast.

Coffee-clay beads. More volume, less weight!

I decided to recycle failed experiment clay and put it into a bowl with water. Look what happend in few days! Lentils sprouted. So now instead of making beads we grow lentils! haha!  :)

My little planters are doing their way.
I was not sure how to finish them, first I wanted to glaze them with colorful glazes, but finally I paint them with underglazes. I enjoy painting so much. This is something I didn't do for long time now. I found it little bit magic - will the energy I put in every dash remain there? I believe it will.
Can't avoid remembering Nancy Van den Boom while painting - woman I met in Amsterdam on Etsy meet up. She lives in green Holland and she started painting few years ago and just can't stop. Her works are beautiful. Here is her blog if you wish to meet her too>>

I've choosen soft colors like gray, taupe, light blue, turquoise, gentle pink, screaming yellow and burundy for contrast. Colors will pop up more after glazing.
It's such a pleasure every day little bit more put my studio together. Pots and utensils, ingredients for glazes, pigments and brushes. I'll add some things yet, but already work slowly. The most important - I want to enjoy every project I do.

Recently I received a custom request for a bangle with this phrase embossed on it. Love it!



Just was thinking....grateful

I just was looking at my Etsy shop and at pieces were sold recently and was imagining all the women who paid for my work, who wear necklaces and earrings I've imagined and I've made and I got excited.
I imagine all those ladies (mostly ladies) and I feel so much grateful and excited again.
I'm a kind of shy person, I'm timid, to be honest. I'm introvert, even at my day job I have to be more extrovert and sociable. I have problems for self promotion, but very enthusiastic promoting another person I believe in. I prefer to stay in the shadow and I hate being the center of attention. So, just imagine how I feel about the huge support I receive from all the corners of the world about my work. It is so very approaching, I have no words. Thank you all!!!

Slices of life - landed on the neck of a fiber artist in Washington state, US.
These flew to Italy. This is what she said: "Hi, I love your work and I'm very fond to buy one today:) Ciao from Italy.."
Wintering birds flew to Switzerland, Canada and France
Tibet is in US, Germany, Australia, Mallorca...
Succulent necklace wears a lady in Greece

Tibet raised from ashes - in Buffalo NY
This wonder went to a wonderful customer in Toronto.
Spring waters flowed to Poland and Chicago
Wintering birds landed on ears of beloved friends and customers in Toronto and New Richmond US
Slices of life are in Toronto, US and Ukraine
A dearest friend said "I do" to this little treasure.
So I look at all this beauty I made, all the beautiful stones I was lucky to pick, all the beautiful people I was lucky to find on my way, all the approach I received from you all...And my little heart beats faster.
I'm deeply deeply grateful. Thank you!