A very exciting week

It was a very exciting week. I have participated in a 5 days ceramic workshop by Ramon Fort. Ramon Fort lives in a little town Llers in Catalonia. He is the founder and teacher of a pottery  residence where people from all over the world come to learn ceramics. So this time Ramon came to Mallorca to the pottery school where I was studing wheelthrowing to show us some exciting techniques!
It was such a pleasure to meet him in person and also all the people who shared these 5 days with me at the workshop! I had much fun and learned a lot!

My pieces - all made on the wheel.

Applying terra sigillata.

Sunset on the way back home.

Pure magic!

Part of my pieces finished with Obvara technique - love them!

"Painting" with a feather.

Raku "naked" below.

Myself in action :) You can also see the kiln we built during the workshop. Cool, yeah!?

"Painting" with hair.

Above is how my day started, below - how it finished  -a wedding at work.

Tomorrow I start ceramic molds course in Palma at Pilar and Joan Miró foundation. It will be intense 2 weeks course, but fun for sure!
Wishing you an exciting week!


  1. Anastasia, it's such an inspiration to see your progress in ceramics. I love the beads you sent me, and you can see the feeling that went into them! XXX

  2. i cannot believe the things you are making!
    most of those techniques i have never heard of.
    and a wedding at your beautiful hotel!
    such a lovely setting ♥

  3. oh, my….! those pottery pieces!
    you've perfected the technique, for sure….