Just was thinking....grateful

I just was looking at my Etsy shop and at pieces were sold recently and was imagining all the women who paid for my work, who wear necklaces and earrings I've imagined and I've made and I got excited.
I imagine all those ladies (mostly ladies) and I feel so much grateful and excited again.
I'm a kind of shy person, I'm timid, to be honest. I'm introvert, even at my day job I have to be more extrovert and sociable. I have problems for self promotion, but very enthusiastic promoting another person I believe in. I prefer to stay in the shadow and I hate being the center of attention. So, just imagine how I feel about the huge support I receive from all the corners of the world about my work. It is so very approaching, I have no words. Thank you all!!!

Slices of life - landed on the neck of a fiber artist in Washington state, US.
These flew to Italy. This is what she said: "Hi, I love your work and I'm very fond to buy one today:) Ciao from Italy.."
Wintering birds flew to Switzerland, Canada and France
Tibet is in US, Germany, Australia, Mallorca...
Succulent necklace wears a lady in Greece

Tibet raised from ashes - in Buffalo NY
This wonder went to a wonderful customer in Toronto.
Spring waters flowed to Poland and Chicago
Wintering birds landed on ears of beloved friends and customers in Toronto and New Richmond US
Slices of life are in Toronto, US and Ukraine
A dearest friend said "I do" to this little treasure.
So I look at all this beauty I made, all the beautiful stones I was lucky to pick, all the beautiful people I was lucky to find on my way, all the approach I received from you all...And my little heart beats faster.
I'm deeply deeply grateful. Thank you!


  1. Beautiful post Anastasia. I have loved you and all of your creations from the first time I laid eyes on them and read your blog. It is quite overwhelming to experience so many lovely people from around the world, wearing your work. They are my favorite pieces and they keep your precious spirit alive to me every day : )
    Much love,

  2. Yes, I so love my earrings and wear them all the time--every chance I get!

  3. I adore your creations, and feel you're a kindred spirit in your sensitivity. I hope one day to be the happy owner of a piece of beauty from your hands! All support and appreciation is well earned.

  4. we are all wearing your works of art, because they speak to us.
    i wear my "i do" necklace every. single. day.
    such uncommon beauty that strangers stop me to ask about it.
    i love you & your gentle soul.
    yes, quiet & just a little shy, but such an open heart you have ♥

  5. love the great work you make!

  6. I can relate, I am a doll artist, but I cannot seem to promote my work on line. Thank you for the beads, they are wonderful!!!

  7. I am one of those ladies and I'm very happy about it:))