Keep your craziness and beautiful smile....

Days are much hotter here. 33ºC (91ºF) every day. Herbs dry on the sun and fields change color.

We harvested apricots from our small tree. They were delicious.

We are about to harvest our garlics. I tryed one and it was tender and delicious!

I had a visit in my studio. We played with clay with boys mixing it with coffee and lentils.
The experiment with coffee went smooth, but lentil experiment failed with white clay.

Arnau made a snail from clay and a cuff.

Failed experiment with lentils - we put too much lentils into the clay and dryed balls on he sun too fast.

Coffee-clay beads. More volume, less weight!

I decided to recycle failed experiment clay and put it into a bowl with water. Look what happend in few days! Lentils sprouted. So now instead of making beads we grow lentils! haha!  :)

My little planters are doing their way.
I was not sure how to finish them, first I wanted to glaze them with colorful glazes, but finally I paint them with underglazes. I enjoy painting so much. This is something I didn't do for long time now. I found it little bit magic - will the energy I put in every dash remain there? I believe it will.
Can't avoid remembering Nancy Van den Boom while painting - woman I met in Amsterdam on Etsy meet up. She lives in green Holland and she started painting few years ago and just can't stop. Her works are beautiful. Here is her blog if you wish to meet her too>>

I've choosen soft colors like gray, taupe, light blue, turquoise, gentle pink, screaming yellow and burundy for contrast. Colors will pop up more after glazing.
It's such a pleasure every day little bit more put my studio together. Pots and utensils, ingredients for glazes, pigments and brushes. I'll add some things yet, but already work slowly. The most important - I want to enjoy every project I do.

Recently I received a custom request for a bangle with this phrase embossed on it. Love it!



  1. You have the beautiful smile--and your children of course XXX

  2. Wonderful to get a glimpse into your days: )

  3. such a beautiful picture of you!
    ned guessed you were 17 - i said NOOOO! she's 19 ; )
    i think your lentil experiment turned out so cool!
    it's like a seed bomb - put flower seeds into clay, then throw anywhere that needs flowers - or lentils!
    you are so busy & i'm loving everything you are making.
    those pastel planters!!!

    1. Catie, Ned, you are the best! :)
      Yes, I also thought about seed bombs!!! :)
      Thank you, than you, Catie, for being there!

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