Mirar Miró! and Happy birthday to me :)

It's my birthday today. The day was sunny, quiet, bright and magic. I'm thankful to friends and family to be by my side especially today. I brought some cakes and champagne with me to the course and my class mates sang for me "Cumpleaños feliiiiiz!" :)

I treated myself with this necklace I wanted to have for a long time now. A porcelain hand by Mitsy Sleurs  finished with silk thread and silver by Anna Fatovich 

At first hour we watched this video about Ai Weiwei art work. Porcelain sunflower seeds made with molds, then bisque fired and handpainted one by one. A very exciting project.

I'm very happy to form part of this course at Pilar and Joan Miró foundation. Yesterday we had a visit to his workshops, and other spaces where he created.

Painting workshop

Main door to the workshop

Plaster molds Miró used 

Canvas Miró wasn't on time to use

workshop ceiling on the first floor


  1. feliç aniversari, el meu estimat amic! ♥

  2. Congratulations - tillykke med fødselsdagen! We share the same day of birth; I'm a second of July girl too :)

  3. Ohh, it looks like a great course, Anastasia! So happy you treated yourself with our collabwork. Anna told me that you purchased it. :) Hope you had a happy day! Enjoy your course! Mould making is sooo messy! :)

  4. Happy birthday! (I´m cancer too)
    The courses you participate look exiting and inspiring!

  5. Thank you so much you all for birthday wishes!

    Much love,
    Anastasia xxx