More Miró

Before I visited Pilar and Joan Miró foundation I didn't know too much about  Miró's work. It was such a great opportunity to meet his work in person and to visit and work in spaces where he worked.
His presence is everywhere - his graffitis on the walls, his paintings and sculptures, in- and outside.
There is Joan Miró foundation in Barcelona which mainly exposes Miró's art work. Mission of Pilar and Joan Miró foundation in Palma is to be a plataform for artists to work, learn, and create.
Miró wanted his work spaces to be used by other artists after his death. So all year around different workshops, courses and projects take place in this very special and darling place.
On Foundation web page you can learn more about how and why it was created >>
I walked into museum and took some pictured I want to share with you.
View from up there

Cafeterie with Miró's work reproduction on the wall

"Maternity" in action
"Femme et oiseau" at the end - really impressive in person.

Most of Miró's works have no name. It's fun because it let's your imagination fly freely.
Women and birds are present in lots of his paintings and sculptures. 

I loved this one

Miró's picture at the entrance to the foundation