September part one

In september I had friends visits and I have too much pictures to share.
My friend Tatiana from Moscow 
Pottery and caci - j'aime both things

I'm sorry, but I take people always in the same place - Cala S'Almunia - my fav place on the island so far...

Sea salt on the rocks

To find this place empty we woke up early and had been on the place at 08:30 a.m. But it totally worthed!

Seagull and the rocks

Let's go sailing, honey! Just you and me and our little boat...

Cala Llombards

Have you been ever so lucky to catch a fish with your hands? My friend did it!
Another Raised from ashes baby - chunky porous beads are not too heavy.

Finally - real gold lustre covered beads are introduced in my shop!

Algae embrace necklace 

Hello, snail! :)



Another summer flew away. 
It was hot.
I worked a lot.
My mom with my aunty visited us.
I took them places = they took me places.
I somehow found time to make some stuff....and some pictures:

Peridot drops

Handpainted ceramic petals

My mom's birthday!

Celebrating my mom's 60!

Amber earrings in different length


me, my mom and my aunty in the blue cave at Cabrera island having a glass of champagne

The most magic sunset in my life
Jasper slices - slices of sunset....
fishes at Cabrera island

algae at Cabrera island
Jasper slices - remember me algae I saw at Cabrera
Cabrera island - a paradise of calm
that's me. hello!

Ceramic petals glazed and painted with real gold lustre
Hand-made - heart-made

Glowing soul

figs- yum!