September part one

In september I had friends visits and I have too much pictures to share.
My friend Tatiana from Moscow 
Pottery and caci - j'aime both things

I'm sorry, but I take people always in the same place - Cala S'Almunia - my fav place on the island so far...

Sea salt on the rocks

To find this place empty we woke up early and had been on the place at 08:30 a.m. But it totally worthed!

Seagull and the rocks

Let's go sailing, honey! Just you and me and our little boat...

Cala Llombards

Have you been ever so lucky to catch a fish with your hands? My friend did it!
Another Raised from ashes baby - chunky porous beads are not too heavy.

Finally - real gold lustre covered beads are introduced in my shop!

Algae embrace necklace 

Hello, snail! :)


  1. Anastasia, it is such a beautiful place you live in...such a dream place...
    Thank you for sharing!
    my best wishes,