September part two - rencontre

I'm sorry in advance for the quantity of pictures in this post. But it's such a joy to share them with you and I hope you'll enjoy!

 5 years ago

We met 5 year ago and spent some time together, some picture were taken fillen with magic of our beauty and beauty of those moments.

Girls came for a short visit from nothern Spain last September after 5 years. 
Weather suddenly changed and it was raining cats and dogs. We were sitting in the car somewhere in the middle of the island and were thinking where do we go NOW under this pouring rain??? We had 3 days together only.
Here - where we went and what we found: 

We went to St. Salvador - a former monastery situated on the top of a mountain. It was all hidden in fog but it wasn't raining there. Suddenly we were watching nowhere, we were on heaven.
But, hell, it was very wet and cold! brr

We found shelter in the church. It was silent and warm inside.
The cat found his shelter here too.

We went down the mountain slowly and carefully on the slippery wet road  heading to Portocolom and crosing our fingers for no more rain. Car heater 100% ON!

I have never seen Portocolom so beautiful....

Water came suddenly. Crazy. I don't need my shoes anymore!

Next day sun was shining but forecasts gave rain alerts all over the island except the south. We went south of course! But this will be in the next post!


  1. So much happines!
    beautiful time ! thank you for sharing those lovely moments!
    best wishes to you