Starting a new year - L'Accent nou - 5th anniversary

5 years ago in January I opened my Etsy shop even I started L'Accent nou the summer before.
It was a way full of mistakes and things I learned, and I still do (both things).
It was a way where I met friends, discovered inspiring artists, I still do.
I discovered many beautiful people who discovered my art and gave support to my work, thing that made possible for me to go further with my creative projects. Thank you! 
It was an experience of gratitude and much love, and it is still.
I'm on the way of exploring my creativity.
So I imagine much things will come along.

But at the moment I celebrate these 5 years and invite YOU to join.
I offer 20% discount on all items with "HAPPY5" coupon code at check out at my Etsy shop
The celebration will be on untill the 1st of February.
The code will work for orders equal or over 25€ (30$ approx).
I hope you'll join and will enjoy!

Much love


  1. Happy 5th shop-anniversary, Anastasia !
    Thank you for the generous offer, it is veeeeery tempting !!

  2. ¡¡¡Feliz aniversario Anastasia!!!

  3. so glad to know you….and happy "anniversary" to you and your shop!

  4. As always, it's a pure joy to go through your life on your blog. Lovely.