January was beautiful first of all because I had my holidays at work!
*I planned some travels which happend and everything went    smoothly.
*I travelled to Frankfurt to visit a friend, but about this travel I'll     tell more in the next blog post.
*Later, I went to Barcelona and joined KeumBoo workshop      (attaching pure gold to silver) at Arnald Climent  jewelry school.   I was pleased so much to know Arnald in person!
*I spent time with a very special friend who took me to Sebasiao    Salgado photography exhibition.
   After my trips I felt renewed and inspired by my friends and      events.
*I worked in the studio on both pottery and silversmith projects.
*I had to prepare pieces for KeumBoo workshop thing that forced me to start sawing metal. I had all the instruments already but couldn't find a rigth moment to start (sincerely I didn't feel comfortable to go out of my confort zone, but finally did it!). I made some exciting to me pieces, then finished with gold.
*I prepared and tested some glazes. 
*I made a plan for the month for my pottery projects which I didn't complete, but I'll catch up in February.
*I met with friends and more friends and I spent more time with my kids!
*I enjoyed cooking a lot yummy food for my family and friends

Studio time - wheelthrowng, trying new clay body

Preparing and testing glazes

a kind of oak leaves I guess - Palmengarten in Frankfurt Germany

My first sawing project - sterling silver and leaves from my travel to Frankfurt

Veeeery exciting - I joined Keum-Boo workshop at Kum Boo silversmith school in Barcelona 

Our teacher Arnald Climent and my buddies Eva and Eva 

We had much fun! :)
I was happy to meet  Eva and Mercè (two ladies on my right side) who were so sweet and also made very beautiful organic pieces. 
Arnald was so friendly, I wouldn't mind to join another workshop with him one day! Here is Kum Boo school web page  and Arnald's page.

24kt gold leaf and my sterling silver piece

My finished at workshop pieces - pure gold applied on silver
streets of Barcelona 

I had my lunch at BioCenter restaurant in Barcelona - 
place I can only recommend!

graffiti in Barcelona


winter wild flowers

cat love

much love 

colorful love

love to natural colors

red and turquoise love

just love


  1. I really enjoyed this travelogue! Great to see you working on new techniques all the time.

    1. Thank you so much, Dawn! I'm happy you enjoyed! xo

  2. So happy you had such a great time ! And always happy to read that someone feels renewed and inspired !
    Happy February, Anastasia ! ox

  3. Love the silver and gold earrings! As Dawn says: you're a great example of a person that keeps on learning and improving.

  4. Sounds incredibly lovely - so many wonderfull things you've been doing and learning! Wonder if you will try gold on clay too? :)

    1. Hi Mona!
      Thank you for droping a peek! :) I already apply gold on ceramics! You can find it in some of my pieces :) xo

    2. Well, yes, I actually knew that - must have been sleep-writing ;)
      I'd be happy to send some japanese indigo seeds to you. Please mail me at jardarmama at gmail dot com and let me know where I shall send them :)
      Ah, your studio looks so lovely and cosy ...

  5. those leaves.
    real, and silver/gold.
    all so very beautiful.

    great photos. i enjoy them all.


    1. Thank you very much my friend! I'm happy having you here! xo